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THE BIMBER DISTILLERY COMPANY LIMITED. Registered in the United Kingdom. Company number: 208471220. 




On Site Cooperage

At Bimber we have carefully sourced the finest American Oak and Sherry casks from the USA and Europe. We use a range of cask types as this allows flexibility to create a unique flavour to be produced. At times, smaller casks are used as the whisky has more contact with the wood and creates a different flavour profile. 


We are proud to say that we have our own onsite cooperage who check all casks and repair and re-char the casks when required. This long-established yet rare skill is something we believe is key to marrying our carefully-crafted spirit with the finest oak to ensure the best quality whisky at Bimber. 


The result is a distinctive colour and array of flavours. 


London’s Climate


London’s changeable climate has a positive impact on our maturation. The high temperatures in our distillery in the Summer allows the spirit to extract the flavour from the oak at a faster rate. The colder temperatures in Winter allows the spirit to push back the cask’s true flavour into the liquid.