SMALL copper pot stills

We use direct fire and distil slowly to lengthen interaction with the copper stills

At Bimber, we believe that the spirit needs a lot of contact with copper during distillation, to retain the heavier elements of the distillate and produce a lighter whisky. Our two small copper pot stills, Doris and Astraeus were designed to our specific instructions to maximise copper contact.


We choose to heat with direct fire, rather than steam, in the traditional way. This enables a slow but powerful cook for a more full-bodied spirit with a depth of flavour. 


The first distillation takes place in Doris, our 1000-litre wash still, which produces a low-strength, 33% abv spirit called ‘low wines’. These are then redistilled a second time in Astrea, our small, 600-litre spirit still. 


The distillate is collected in three stages or ‘cuts’ called foreshots, heart and feints. Only the heart, which has an alcoholic strength of 72% abv is retained for maturation and the foreshots and feints are recycled within the next batch of low wines. 


Early cut producing a light, fruity, fragrant whisky

New make spirit is reduced to 63.5% before being filled into casks.


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