We ferment low and slow

to create light, fruit flavours

At Bimber, we take pride in our long fermentation process. We ferment slowly, for seven whole days to create a light and fruity whisky. This is more than double the industry average fermentation time – limiting the amount of whisky we can produce, but helps us produce a premium, handcrafted whisky, just as the best distilleries did in times gone past. 


The first stage in the process is where hot water is added to the grist in a mash tun to convert the starch in the grist to sugar. The resulting sweet liquid is called wort.


We prefer to use clear wort as it produces a new make spirit with a less intense, cereal character. The wort is then cooled and pumped into charred wooden tanks called washbacks. These are made at Bimber’s own cooperage with American oak. The lengthy contact with the oak, produces a lighter, more complex, fruity flavour.


The fermentation process in open-top wooden washbacks 

We then add our yeast, which is a strain carefully created for Bimber. This ferments the sugar, converting it into alcohol. The resulting wash is like a strong beer with an abv of 8-10%.


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