premium and provenance

Traditional Floor Malting

It is our belief that traditional floor malted barley is an essential process in producing premium, handcrafted whisky. We have therefore partnered Britain oldest maltster, Warminster Maltings, who dedicate an entire malting floor to Bimber. The resulting malted barley is a unique product of outstanding quality produced to our unique specification.

Traditional malt has been made by hand, on floors, a perfectly natural, albeit labour intensive process. The whole process is conducted within the ambient temperatures of the malt floors, regulated by the opening and closing of the non-glazed windows. It is a very natural process which allows the individual batches of barley to express themselves to the optimum. This emphasises the special character of the malt and creates maximum extracts.

Our malted barley

comes from Britain’s

oldest maltster

The process:


·  Barley is steeped in open water vessels over 72 hours to raise the moisture level which germination is precipitated.

·  Controlled germination, on floors, for approximately 5 days when the modification of the ‘green malt’ from starch to maltose is managed courtesy of hand operated tools.

·  Rapid transfer of the ‘green malt’ to the kiln to be dried over hot air


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