The journey so far - Session 2

The journey so far (Founder Members vTasting)


Two years ago we launched our Founder’s Club to commemorate our first casks of London single malt whisky reaching three years of maturity. Since then, our 200 Founder members have played an important part in our distilling history as part of our whisky family.


To celebrate the passion and dedication of our Founder members we are pleased to host this very special virtual tasting consisting of some Darius’s favourite Bimber releases to date.


Darius, together with Matt will guide Founder members though a tasting of our finest single cask cask expressions to date – alongside a rare opportunity to sample our inaugural release – The First.


Whilst we look back over our journey so far, Founders will also learn what’s next for Bimber over the coming 12 months and beyond.


Our V-Tasting kits include:


- Branded Bimber glass.

- 6 x 3cl samples including Ex-Bourbon small batch welcome dram and a selection of single casks expressions.


The session will commence at 7.30 pm and last approximately 1.5 - 2 hours.


The session is limited to Bimber Founder members and has a maximum of 25 attendees.

The journey so far - Session 2



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