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The Spirit of the Underground Collection draws its inspiration not only from our capital’s world-class Underground network, but also from the people, cultures, sights and sounds that make London one of the greatest cities of the world. 


Our Collection of character-led single malts reflect those connections with distinctive aromas and flavours. Each takes the drinker on a journey – from the past to the present and through the very heart of the city and into the soul of our London single malt whisky. 


Continuing our sensory exploration of London, we are now proud to unveil the next four stations in the ground-breaking series. 


For generations, London has fostered a rich sporting pedigree – contributing to its international profile and providing exciting occasions for Londoners and visitors to see the world’s sporting stars in action. 


Our Capital possesses an exceptionally high number of top-quality stadia – all connected via the Tube and many with stations deeply associated to their history. Stadiums and arenas are more than just venues for sporting events – they are culturally significant landmarks that symbolise a city’s identity and encapsulate its spirit.  


For Release No. 6 of The Spirit of The Underground we are celebrating four iconic London sporting locations and their associated Tube stations – from cricket since 1845 and the Olympic Park purpose-built for the 2012 games, to the iconic Wembley Arch and hallowed ground of Wimbledon All England Lawn Tennis Club.


Drawn from Bimber’s finest casks, this release presents our first selection of ‘double maturations’. Each expression has been matured in a combination of American and European oak, spending over 3 years within the second cask in order to masterfully weave both wood styles together. Each double cask expression has been crafted to tease out new aromas and flavours from the twin-cask approach. Carefully selected, monitored and then bottled at just the right moment, these new Spirit of the Underground releases present with an incredible depth of flavour and a perfect balance between the two casks and our naturally fruit-forward spirit style.


Oval – moscatel sherry cask double maturation, 57.6%, 307 bottles


Portuguese moscatel casks offer a wonderfully intense concentration of fruits and sweetness. This exceptionally rich wine, produced in the hot and dry climate of the Mediterranean basin results in a deep body that perfectly aligns with the profound texture of our London single malt whisky.


Stratford –  fino sherry cask double maturation, 58.5%, 325 bottles


Poised and powerful fino sherry is a match made in heaven for our single malt whisky. This intriguing and inviting style of sherry delivers rich nuttiness and salinity – both of which integrate flawlessly with our fruit-forward, house-style character.

Wembley Park – marsala cask double maturation, 58.3%, 305 bottles


Italian Marsala wine offers exceptionally vivid fruitiness, natural honey and nutty depths with utilised for whisky maturation. Here we have employed the fortified wine to enhance the natural character of our London single malt resulting in a Bimber whisky that is delectable and delightful to the very end.


Wimbledon – Vino de Naranja cask double maturation, 56.6% 298 bottles


We previously used Vino de Naranja casks for our 2021 Klub exclusive release. Here we have used one of those casks to craft a remarkable new single malt whisky. The aromatised, sweet wine exudes orange flavours which we have shaped and moulded around a core of our ex-bourbon matured single malt to craft a perfect harmony between spirit and wood.

Each of the new releases not only celebrates the history of these four iconic locations, but also the shared ability of both sport and whisky to bring people together.



The complete Spirit of the Underground Collection will total 44 individual releases. Each bottle in the collection presents a different Tube station on the London Underground network - the oldest underground passenger railway service in the world.



Bond Street – Ex-bourbon cask, 56.3%, 278 bottles


After over 6 years of maturation in an American oak ex-bourbon cask, this release truly reflects the growing maturation of Bimber. Showcasing vibrant fruitiness alongside a velvety texture, it is a single malt that captures the essence of our London style.


Hammersmith – Ex-rye cask, 56.9%, 280 bottles


The bold spiciness from casks which have previously been used to mature rye whisky is a natural partner for Bimber’s characterful single malt. Fruits and spice converge in an adventurous new harmony. 


Regent’s Park – Ex-bourbon cask, 56.8%, 284 bottles


American oak ex-bourbon casks are the mainstay of Bimber’s inventory – and for good reason – the sweet, toasted, toffee notes they impart are the perfect match for our fruit-forward London single malt whisky.


Tottenham Court Road – Ex-rye cask, 57.1%, 274 bottles


Rye is enjoying a recent resurgence of interest – its strong, spice-led flavour proving to be adaptable to a range of spirit styles. Here we have used an ex-rye cask to add a sympathetic ‘kick’ of spice on top of our house style single malt whisky.




Covent Garden – Oloroso sherry cask, 59.2%, 321 bottles


Full-term sherry maturations can produce incredibly rich and decadent whiskies. Here we’ve used a Spanish oloroso sherry cask to craft a single malt that is packed full of rich fruits and nuttiness.


Green Park – Moscatel sherry cask, 59.4%, 59.4%, 285 bottles


Moscatel grapes typically produce pronounce fruity notes with a great aromatic personality. Here that is certainly the case – bright, expressive and laden with both fresh and dried fruitiness.

Leicester Square - Virgin American oak cask, 60.3%, 271 bottles


Our first virgin cask release for The Spirit of the Underground Collection – and a journey into fruit and spice. This American white oak cask has imparted an incredible array of toasted and roasted flavours and spice into our London single malt whisky.


Piccadilly Circus - Pedro Ximenez sherry cask, 62.1%, 314 bottles

This full-term PX maturation brings together our naturally fruit-forward spirit with the intensity of sherry. Revealing a wide selection of red and black fruits, this London single malt offers stunning depth.



Camden Town - Amontillado sherry cask finish, 58.5%, 351 bottles


Additions of tobacco, herbs and nuttiness have resulted from a finish within a Spanish Amontillado sherry cask. This single malt whisky offers a high level of complexity whilst being perfectly balanced throughout.  


Canary Wharf - Marsala cask finish, 58.1%, 320 bottles


This Italian wine from Sicily has resulted in an exotically fruity Bimber, full of complexity and decadent qualities. The marsala cask has brought with it a juicy bouquet of citrus and tropical fruits – ideal for the summer!


Notting Hill Gate - Moscatel sherry cask finish, 59%, 342 bottles


Dried fruits and balanced cask spice have resulted from a well-judged finish in a moscatel sherry cask. Deep and sweet, and yet at the same time refined and contemplative.

Tower Hill - Palo Cortado sherry cask finish, 58.7%, 348 bottles


Palo Cortado offers the light aromatic character of amontillado sherry alongside the more robust body of oloroso sherry. Here both of those personalities are captured, presenting a London single malt that is both crisp and rich at the same time.



Paddington - Pedro Ximenez sherry cask, 58.9%, 314 bottles


Rich PX sherry provides our London single malt whisky with a beautiful array of sticky dried fruit notes. Bittersweet chocolate mingles perfectly with our fruit-first spirit, resulting in a particularly layered Bimber whisky.


London Bridge - Ex-port cask, 58.7%, 305 bottles


Our ex-port casks are some of our most sought after. Sumptuous port wine heightens the combination of fruit flavours already contained within our spirit – adding additional juicy berries and sweet asides with pair perfectly to the character of our whisky.

Chancery Lane - Madeira cask finish, 57.8%, 298 bottles


Created on the small volcanic island 500 miles off the coast of Portugal, Madeira increases the complexity of our single malt, adding additional notes of zesty oranges, fresh peaches and hazelnut.


Victoria - Ex-rye cask, 58.2%, 271 bottles


Victoria station features our first use of an ex-rye cask. Seasoned with the American-style spirit, this cask delivers a new balance of both sweetness and pronounced spice. The result is a Bimber single malt whisky amped up with bold flavours.



Baker Street - Ex-bourbon cask, 58.1%, 264 bottles


Baker Street was selected by members of Bimber Klub during a ‘blind tasting’ session. The bottling reflects the Bimber house style – sweet, honied and with an array of tropical fruits pushed to the fore. 


King’s Cross - Ex-bourbon cask, 58.5%, 259 bottles


We source our ex-bourbon casks from a number of bourbon producers. This cask came to use via Kelvin Cooperage and offers a delightful combination of charred peaches, pineapple cubes, toffee and baking spices.


Oxford Circus - Ex-bourbon cask, 58.8%, 261 bottles


A true Bimber classic, showcasing the expert balance we achieve between spirit and wood. It delivers a host of full-bodied flavours including charred pineapple, crunchy toffee and piquant wood spice.


Waterloo - Ex-bourbon cask, 58.3%, 257 bottles


The spirit for Waterloo station was produced at a time when Bimber’s washbacks were made from stainless steel. This look into the past of our whisky will never be replicated as since this time, our fermenters have been crafted from lightly toasted American oak.


Hi Sean, We've only just announced Release No.6 today. The ballot will be live on from Wednesday 5th June


Has release 6 gone yet? If not will this be a ballot and what are the details to apply?

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