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Bimber’s journey has been, and always will be, underpinned by our belief that the methodical application of time-served, traditional methods creates the best quality whiskies.

Throughout our seven years of producing spirit at our home in London we have not only sought to craft whisky utilising these techniques, but also to enlighten enquiring minds eager to understand how the concepts and consequences of historical production processes fundamentally affect the final character of the liquid that ends up inside of your whisky bottles.

Today we celebrate four unique foundational aspects of Bimber’s single-minded approach to whiskymaking with the release of the first bottle from The Four Elements Collection - a quartet of single cask releases that each explore a unique facet of our craft.

Produced exclusively for Master of Malt, and releasing throughout the remainder of 2023, each bottle within The Four Elements Collection presents a whisky that has been nurtured to explicitly showcase the element that it has been bottled to represent.

From our single-farm, floor-malted barley and the use of mineral-rich London water, through to meticulously sourced peat and the extensive use of hand-charred casks – each of the releases within the Four Elements Collection explores the specifics of our unique approach to crafting whisky - both inside and outside of the bottle.

The first element from the new Collection is ‘Fire’. It’ll be available exclusively from Master of Malt today.

'Fire' is an exploration of how the application of heat to the oak staves of a cask has a crucial impact on the dynamics and interaction of our whisky with the wood – and therefore also on the personality of our London single malt whisky.

Traditionally when constructing a cask, the staves were arranged around a fire – with the resultant heat aiding the shaping of the cask. However, this fire also serves to break down the structure of the oak which allows for easier infiltration by the spirit and also creates additional, desirable flavours. Bimber employs a wide range of cask toasting and charring techniques in order to achieve our strikingly clean and crisp character.

The first element - Fire - presents a single American oak virgin cask. This cask has been selected to showcase an active but sympathetic interaction between Bimber’s fruit-forward, textural spirit and the fire-licked activity of heavily charred oak.

We’re looking forward to revealing three more journeys into our processes and passions throughout the course of the Collection – stay tuned for Earth, Water and Air later in 2023!


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