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Heritage is at the core of everything we do. From our generational distilling history to our fundamental belief in traditional production methods. But at the same time, we are keen to innovate and to push the boundaries of what is possible within the art of whisky making.

This year’s Klub exclusive release combines both of these philosophies to offer an exceptionally vivid and radiant Bimber, enriched by tropical sunshine, the gentle caress of sea breezes and whispers of sugarcane fields.

Klub Release No.4 presents members with a never-before-seen marriage of Bimber ex-bourbon united in perfect harmony with Bimber that has been fully-matured in tropically aged ex-Foursquare rum casks. And it’s another first for members of Bimber Klub.

Over the past few years, the character and depth of Foursquare’s rums have cemented its reputation as a major force in the Caribbean rum industry. Owned by the Seale family, the distillery, which is located in Heritage Park, Barbados can trace its roots back to the 1650s and five generations of the Seale’s have been documented as expert rum-makers since the 1820s. The distillery was named as Rum Producer of the Year at the prestigious International Spirits Challenge 2017 – and has been garnering awards and plaudits since.

Bimber Klub has always been the place to explore our most thought-provoking releases: new and unseen cask types; distinctive cask arrangements and single malt whiskies that combine both our tradition and our modernity. This year’s Klub Release offers Bimber Klub members a very first taste from our growing inventory of rum casks.

All of these outstanding rum casks were originally influenced by warm, tropical climates that accelerated their maturation – and in consequence provided them with a host of captivating flavours – the sweetness of tropical fruit alongside the delectable the warmth of island spice. Carefully monitoring these casks, we were struck by the shared characteristics that existed between the rum matured Bimber and our signature ex-bourbon casks. In recognition of that shared personality, the team has chosen to present Klub Release No.4 as a marriage of both casks – drawing from the styles of each to create a glorious fusion of London and Barbados.

Nose: A tropical explosion of griddled pineapple, papaya and brown sugars sits alongside smooth white chocolate and a sprinkling of ginger

Palate: A mouthcoating arrival of expressive, sultry fruits joins a rich development that features cocoa butter, coconut cream and perfectly mingled cask spices

Finish: Lingering vibrant fruitiness alongside a supple oak influence


A superb marriage of ex-bourbon and ex-Foursquare rum casks


960 Bottles

Dispatching early November 2023

Klub Release No.4 is now available for pre-order exclusively for all members of Bimber Klub


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