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Join a whisky community that shares your passion

Becoming a Klub member grants you a lifetime of

Bimber experiences.


From access to limited Klub edition bottling, to free annual distillery tours and exclusive member events – you’ll find yourself in perfect company as part of our community of like-minded individuals who all share a love of exceptional single malt whisky.



Bimber Klub offers a wide range of exceptional and exclusive benefits for a one-off lifetime membership fee.


A Welcome Pack

The perfect pack for whisky lovers! 

Start your exploration of our fine London single malt whisky with samples of our latest releases. A welcome pack includes: two branded glasses, new make spirit and single malt miniatures.


Klub Members Exclusive Whisky

Access to our exclusive Bimber Klub whisky releases, only available to Klub members and releasesd annually. As a Klub member you’ll be the first to explore our most unique casks from fortified wines through to ex-beer casks. Bimber Klub is the place to be if you’re looking for access to our most thought-provoking releases.


Exclusive Member Events

Take part in a range of exclusive Klub member events offering behind-the-scenes access to our distillery and unique opportunities to sample upcoming releases before anyone else.


Free Annual Tour

As a Klub member you’ll always be welcome at the distillery for a chat and a dram – but once a year, every year, your tour is on us. 


Advance Notice 

Our newsletter will keep you appraised of all the latest Bimber developments, whilst providing you with advance notice of upcoming limited-edition Klub releases.


Tasting Panels 

The unique chance to enter our Klub Competition/ballot to form tasting panel to select single cask releases based on custom tasting box sent in advance.


Bimber Klub Product Development

As part of being in the Klub Community you may be actively involved in brand development with requests to submit feedback on bottle names, new casks etc.


10% Discount 

Klub members get a 10% discount off direct online orders ( with certain exclusions such as all Spirit of the Underground products )


Join a whisky experience that lasts a lifetime - not to be missed!




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