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Today our London single malt whisky turns 7! On the same day that archaeologists announced the discovery of the 2,400 year old tomb of Aristotle and the Scripps National Spelling Bee in the United States finished with a third successive tie, we filled our very first casks. Thursday 26th May 2016 will always be a momentous date for Bimber, as it is when our journey started in earnest.

Since 2016 we’ve achieved a number of significant milestones – the release of our first single malt in 2019, the release of our first peated single malt in 2022. We see the seventh anniversary of our whisky in the same light – as a similarly noteworthy moment.

Why you ask? Surely it’s just a birthday…the same as any other year.

We’re looking this anniversary a little differently. We’ve recently sampled some casks that today have just turned 7 years old. They blew us away. They're Bimber taken to a whole new level. We’re happy. We’re very happy. And we're sure that you're going to be just as happy when you try them too.

So, Bimber at 7 years of age – what does it taste like?

Whilst the fundamentals of our spirit have always been based around a combination of bright, fruit-forward character alongside intense, meaningful extraction and full, textural mouthfeel – at 7 years of age the charisma of our single malt whisky has been turned up a whole extra notch.

Where in younger iterations our fruity nose and palate would exhibit a selection of stone and tropical fruit aromas, here the intensity, richness and syrupiness of those fruits has been greatly heightened and amplified. In short – Bimber at 7 years old is a real fruit-bomb of whisky.

Similarly, our 1st fill casks have always married exceptionally well to our spirit profile – delivering intensity and impactful oak spice that sits perfectly alongside the expressive fruit-forward character. At 7 years of age, none of this impact has been lost – however the balance, achieved through over 2,500 days within wood has now reached a new equilibrium. The wood influence is darker and more polished – almost mahogany like – with the spices amalgamated within the whisky as a whole creating a silky and elegant, piquancy. This is Bimber at a whole new level of maturity. And we can’t wait to share it with you.

Whilst we’ve been following the journey of our London single malt whisky closely – so too have you. And therefore we’re going to be letting some of you taste from our oldest casks of whisky – laid down back in 2016. We’ll be creating a number of sampling opportunities for you over the remainder of 2023 - so keep a close eye on our newsletters and social accounts to hear about how you too can taste our latest milestone.

Happy 7th Birthday Bimber.


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