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Apogee XII - a celebration of the fine art of blending

Today we’re delighted to reveal Apogee XII our first small batch pure malt whisky.

Over two years in development, Apogee stands at the apex of our blending prowess and offers a showcase of our ceaseless dedication to meticulous maturation.

Whilst Apogee offers something brand-new to the Bimber range, its conception and creation are drawn from the same generational historical expertise and modern virtuosity that run through the heart of everything that we produce.

The whisky has been crafted from the finest single malts from both the Highlands and Speyside. These select whiskies were matured for a minimum of 12 years before being enhanced further through meticulous blending and an additional “finish” in casks previously used to mature Bimber single malt whisky.

And we believe that the result offers flawless balance with bright, fruit-forward notes and additional layers of flavour and complexity derived from the expressive character of our ex-Bimber oak casks.

Apogee – whose name means ‘the highest point in the development of something or a climax or culmination’ (and is also the name of one of Matt’s favourite 90s computer game developers - but we’ll leave that story for another time) has been in development by the Bimber team over the past two years. From the selection and blending of the individual malt components to the meticulous finishing maturation and eye-catching bottle design – all of the Bimber team have been involved in the development of Apogee. And we’re extremely proud to now be able to share the results of our passion project with you all.

But why would Bimber be releasing a blended malt you ask?

The art of blending single malt whiskies from different distilleries draws its history from the earliest days of the whisky trade. Purveyors of the spirit would often ‘vat’ single malts to express or dial down individual aromas and flavours that were prevalent within particular whiskies. And in doing so, new equilibriums were created where the overall character of a whisky could be enhanced through a broader union of characters.

The creation of a blended malt that is more than the sum of its parts is extraordinarily complex. It is a process which is far more involved than simply combining ‘A’ with ‘B’ and hoping for the best. Every individual whisky possesses its own unique profile, and it is only through the selection of elements that synchronise and augment that a whisky can be considered to be elevated beyond its humbler origins. The process of overlapping aromas and flavours, removing spikes and harmonising characters takes both an open mind and an unending dedication to trial and error. For every successful amalgamation, countless dozens will be left on the lab bench.

But irrespective of any successful union, a blend must still possess discernible individuality – and the ability to make its identity known immediately upon nosing or tasting.

It is that quest for uniqueness that has seen Apogee meticulously developed - not just in our blending lab, but through experimentation within our previously used oak. Cask after cask, trial after trial.

As such, whilst Apogee stands as a showcase and celebration of the fine art of blending, it also delivers a fascinating, versatile and deeply captivating result which has been focussed further through its merger with the Bimber spirit DNA within our casks. Its conception, creation, and emotion all stem from our longstanding values – to produce world class whisky with character and an absolute commitment to quality.


Apogee XII

Composed from a selection of Highland and Speyside whiskies - the aromas and flavours of Apogee have been enhanced further through maturation in ex-Bimber casks.

Nose: Spiced pears and oven-baked apricot flans are sweetened by candy necklaces and scented with rosewater, nutmeg and powdered ginger

Palate: Syrupy orchard and stone fruits provide a bright and fresh mouthfeel supported by lightly charred oak, gentle white pepper and cooling mint

Finish: Lingering ripe and sweet fruits alongside sympathetic, aromatic oak


46.3% ABV

Available to purchase for £59.95 via our web shop

To purchase Apogee XII from a retailer, please visit:


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Kirsch Spirituosen E.K.,Germany

Aren Trading Co Ltd, Hong Kong

The Spirits Curator, Israel

Beija-Flor S.R.L, Italy

Acorn Limited, Japan

BRESSER & TIMMER, The Netherlands

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