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Hot on the heels of our sell-out inaugural release ‘The First’, we’re delighted to unleash our second London single malt whisky into the wild.

Bimber Re-charred Oak Casks

Our new expression has been fully matured in American oak casks that have been heavily charred by our talented on-site coopers to level #4 char – also known as ‘alligator char’. This deep charring process caramelises the wood sugars, adding a layer of filtering carbon to the surface of the barrel, whilst influencing the whisky with distinctively sweet, rich and fruity flavours.

Traditionally, the construction of casks was conducted around a fire – the heat helping to shape the cask whilst at the same time toasting the staves. But, the additional benefits of taking this toasting a step or two further, into deeper charring were likely discovered by accident sometime in the long lost past.

The charring process alters the structure of the surface layers of the oak, allowing both easier penetration by the new make spirit, and also adding flavours derived from the burnt sugars contained within the hemicellulose of the oak itself.

The level of charring can be controlled to introduce a wide range of flavours into the maturing spirit. From a light toast, which adds nuttiness and vanilla though to a heavy char which introduces caramelised sugars and toffee. But, it’s not just the length of the charring process which influences the cask’s eventual impact on the spirit – the intensity of the heat also plays a part.

In the case of the level 4 alligator char which we’ve used to create our new Re-charred expression, a layer of cracked charcoal has been added across the inner surfaces of the staves. This layer behaves like an in-barrel filtration system, the carbon naturally removing unwanted compounds and flavours such as sulphur. At the same time as the spirit ages, the contact with the heavily charred staves results in both natural sweetness and a smooth, mellow taste.

We believe that our hand-charred casks are a perfect match for our light and fruity spirit - and we’re excited to be able to share this new release with you all!


Bimber Re-charred Oak Casks

Small batch release of 5,000 individually numbered bottles

51.9% ABV

RRP £65

General release via retailers in selected markets – 8th November

Whisky Maker’s Notes

NOSE: Orchard fruits and spit-roasted pineapple chunks are sweetened with honey, nougat and cookie dough. Oak smoke and wood char float across the nose, whilst cinnamon and pepper spicing offers an enlivening intensity.

PALATE: Red apples and ripe pears sit alongside banana bread and pineapple juice. Caramel, butterscotch sauce and split vanilla pods combine with layered pepper and ginger spicing and a characterful note of charred oak.

FINISH: Enduring wood smoke supports beautifully fading fruits and perfectly balanced oaky dryness.


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